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Title: Server Move
Post by: celebi on April 26, 2019 (05:26 PM)
I'm not sure exactly when yet, but in the coming weeks, I will be moving DDF over to the same server that The Shining Evolution is hosted on, where some gracious folks have hosted me for free with pretty much zero downtime.

There may be some server errors and downtime when I begin, and the forums will be briefly shut down. I will post in this thread when I begin and end. After I am done you can resume posting and doing whatever else you like; it will be situation normal.

This will likely be the last time I fiddle with DDF. By this I mean if your web browser (Chrome, because you're terrible) makes DDF stop working, I will likely not fix it. This is probably only a few years away, if only because of the retarded warnings over HTTS that are set to become increasingly strict. It also means that if something happens with the hosting (judging by their current fantastic and generous record: unlikely) I will not do anything about it, with the caveat below.

Concomitant with the server move, I will be de-sensitizing the current and former forum databases and providing them for download. What I mean by that is I will drop all the private message tables and remove all the non-username profile information, such as emails, password hashes, IM contact information, etc., and provide the databases as a text data dump. This will allow you to have a backup copy of all forum posts and threads if you are for some reason interested in reading DDF shenanigans in 2040. To reiterate, all sensitive and personally identifiable information and private messages will be removed from this download. If you have an interest in reading old PMs, save them yourself or send me a PM and find a way to motivate me to make a special download that includes your PMs. Note: if you want me to do this, I will be unavoidably reading some of your PMs to make sure I did it right. If you are not requesting this, don't worry: it's probably a huge pain to read your PMs and I'm not going to bother.

You could also, if you chose, use this database dump to host a mirror of DDF, but nobody would be able to log in since their emails and passwords would be blanked. (In case you're very startled right now, the database stores a hash of your password, not your actual password. I cannot see your password.)

Caveating what I said above, if something does happen with the hosting, I will set it so that brings you to an otherwise blank webpage with download links for the desensitized database downloads. I have a very small and cheap VPS that will serve sufficiently for that purpose I use as a VPN.

It's been rad.
Title: Re: Server Move
Post by: celebi on May 04, 2019 (07:54 PM)
Title: Re: Server Move
Post by: Ryo on May 15, 2019 (06:42 PM)
Did your test results come back positive?

Thanks for taking care of this site for so long, Celebi. I remember spending the summer after 5th grade sitting in front of my computer waiting for my crush to get on AIM, and instead talking with TKT about the Digimon webseries he wanted to do. Wild to realize that was easily 15 years ago. It may not be what it used to be, but the Digiport will always hold a weird and special spot in my heart that keeps me coming back to lurk once in a blue moon and rooting for all your pleasant internet friends I never met.
Anyway, cheers to you hombre
Title: Re: Server Move
Post by: celebi on May 17, 2019 (05:23 AM)



(also, I haven't heard back on the status of the move yet, so I haven't done anything.)
Title: Re: Server Move
Post by: celebi on May 27, 2019 (06:41 AM)
mid move test
Title: Re: Server Move
Post by: celebi on May 27, 2019 (07:10 AM)
There were some hiccups, but the main forum should be working fine now on the new server.

I haven't finished with the old DDF.