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Ask the Staff / Re: Is Anyone On Anymore?
« on: July 06, 2016 (02:05 PM) »

Ask the Staff / Re: Is Anyone On Anymore?
« on: July 05, 2016 (11:23 PM) »
Why aren't you guys on IRC

General Discussion & Debate / Re: 2016 US Elections
« on: August 17, 2015 (04:01 PM) »
Bernie is rising in the polls against Hillary similar to how Obama was in 2007, also against Hillary. See the chart:

See Bernie's stances:
Or a TL;DR interview:
Subreddit I've been following:

Meanwhile Trump rose very sharply recently on the republican side. The republican party seems very divided:

I highly doubt in Trump as a lot of people would be driven to vote against him. The only reason I've seen people want to vote for him is because he's "honest" which is like a wife defending her abusive husband by saying "at least he doesn't punch me in the face."

Anyway, if you've got your own stance on political issues use to find what candidate matches what you think. However I urge you not to vote based on what you "think" and listen to critical reasoning rather than rhetoric.

Also vote in the primaries. Some supporters of Bernie made a site telling you how in each state:

Free For All / Re: FIRST 2015 POST
« on: June 23, 2015 (08:55 PM) »

Free For All / Re: TDD TWG #1 - Sign Ups
« on: September 11, 2014 (02:55 PM) »
I dunno what I'm doing but I'm in.

General Digimon / Re: New Adventure Series announced
« on: September 06, 2014 (04:37 PM) »

Remember: More info in coming on August 21st. Plus, another issue of V-Jump magazine is coming out this month, or so I've heard. Maybe that will provide official pics and more info too.

Where did you hear that more info was coming on the 21st? Last I heard we had to click the egg over on for more information. Speaking of which if you turn off cookies for that site you can click the egg without waiting a day between each time. It will certainly get the egg hatched quicker if you did that.

Can you repost the whole banner, Somm?

He probably saw the banner for a new S.H.Figuarts thing, which I beleive said new info on the 21st. That was for this Alphamon maybe?

Anyway their twitter says "Botamon is born! Thank you Nadenade! Botamon will tell something about the new information today. Please wait a little longer!" So, info should be out today (japan time).

Help Desk / Re: CF's Coding Challenges!
« on: September 05, 2014 (12:46 PM) »
Alright. Here's a little app I whipped up this morning to introduce you to NPM and Browserify:

The `require` statements pull in library from the npm repository. Moment, for instance, formats dates into strings like '7 hours ago'.

Here's the challenge: Write a function which, on an interval, updates the date strings inside the `<time>` elements using moment. Perhaps every 20 seconds or whatever.

I couldn't get this script to save with RequireBin, it must be something about one of the modules I required and a glitch in requirebin or something. I only got it up by manually generating the source and putting it in a gist myself. You can test your solution there though, then paste your added code here.

Help Desk / Re: CF's Coding Challenges!
« on: September 05, 2014 (09:39 AM) »
Of course the border does not appear proper on the sides of the long text in your attempt. There's no situation where you would expect the border to be broken like that. The obvious fix is to change `display` to `inline-block` instead of `inline`. You also added a side-effect of centering the text itself when that might be better left left-aligned, and that's to any child of `.outer`. To better exemplify how the `.inner`with long text is still centered I've added a max-width (which is still variable, the element will remain centered regardless of the width):

A better method, if you don't mind dropping support for IE8, is by using `margin-left: 50%` with `transform: translateX(-50%)`:

Another awesome method is Flexbox. By simply setting the display to flex, margins now work as expected even without using the other powerful flexbox properties. This has less IE support though.

There's also the 'absolute' method of centering, but that requires a defined height. And it's possible using `display: table`.

Sorry for not replying sooner, sleep deprivation has been getting to me.

Help Desk / CF's Coding Challenges!
« on: August 28, 2014 (02:07 PM) »
Why not.

Using CSS, center `div.inner` in this jsfiddle:

It must be centered 1) Without defining a width, as that could vary in both the outer and inner div, 2) With the red border properly spaced on the sides of the text, and 3) Without changing or adding any HTML code.

Hit the Run button to see if your code works, hit Update to generate a new URL to post back in this thread.

There's multiple ways to do this with modern CSS, probably none of which are supported by IE7. Too bad IE7, no one wants you.

Edit: Picture of the result to clarify.

General Digimon / Re: Your Favorite Digimon...
« on: August 28, 2014 (01:47 PM) »
Long ago, while contemplating joining my first Digimon forum, I stumbled through the desolate hallways of the Digital Empire's old digidex, coming upon ChaosGallantmon. I've chosen the line BlackAgumon>BlackGrowlmon>BlackWarGrowlmon>ChaosGallantmon ever since.

Also chose my username for that reason. Though I only use it now to be consistent.

Free For All / Re: FIRST 2014 POST
« on: August 28, 2014 (01:36 PM) »
Celebi still hasn't put the dates back? You've got to be kitten me.

Help Desk / Re: Torrents..?
« on: August 07, 2012 (12:03 PM) »
Naturally, you'll probably have the most success with things that are very popular, new-ish, or both, since those are most likely to have a healthy torrent going on.
Subbing groups can do stuff like buy a seed box (a server that just seeds their torrents) so their stuff is always available for as long as they're around or longer.

Direct download is good when you only need to get a couple episodes here and there, but if you want something along the lines of Seasons 1-6 of Digimon fast, torrents are good for that.
I often find direct downloads broken, especially since MegaUpload died and other sites had shut off or remove more stuff now. As per the above on seed boxes, and if you know how to select individual files, torrents can be much more reliable.

General Digimon / Re: Attention Digimon Webmasters: Check In!
« on: August 07, 2012 (10:56 AM) »
Welcome back, TDD. The posts have been updated.

Happy belated Odaiba Memorial Day, everyone.

Good news since starting the thread: the first Xros Wars dub will be Fusion Battles this Fall in Italy.

Help Desk / Re: Torrents..?
« on: August 07, 2012 (10:29 AM) »
The 'health' of a torrent depends on how much of the file is available. There can be hundreds of peers, but if only one seeder has 100% of the file, you're limited to how fast that seeder can upload. You can wait for more seeders to get on, and the availability might increase if they do.

Depending on what bittorrent client you're using, you probably can see a bar of file availability, where red lines indicate parts not available. This happens if no one is seeding 100% of it, and other leechers have downloaded some but not all.

What bittorrent client you're using and other factors, like how much you're reading/writing to disk, may also affect your speeds. I sometimes have to throttle my upload speed or lower the number of connected peers if I have a high upload speed that seems to be slowing my download speed, but that's normally not the problem. Sometimes if your upload speed is throttled too much, near or at zero for too long, your ratio can get low and some networks will actually throttle your download speed, since you're hurting the torrent's health.

You should also try different clients. The ones I like are qBittorrent and uTorrent. You can grab their convenient portable versions from for a minimal install. Check out for a comprehensive overview and reviews of the top clients available. Check those sites for all your freeware.

If a torrent's health is good (the torrent is popular with many seeders) it probably downloads faster than any other download means. File sharers, for instance, always throttle their speed when you're not paying for a premium account. Meanwhile, healthy torrents will often download as fast as possible on your internet connection. I get speeds of 2.5MB/s when downloading, say, the latest subbed episode of Eureka 7 AO released.

One last thing. Remember that you can choose individual files from a torrent (if its not packed into one stupid .rar file) with a good client. If you want a single episode of a series, yet can only find a torrent of the entire series, you can deselect all the files you don't want and just download that one, much sooner.

General Digimon / Attention Digimon Webmasters: Check In!
« on: July 18, 2012 (07:30 PM) »
Attention all past and present Digimon webmasters! I'm asking you to 'check in' by leaving a message for the Digimon community.

This year is Digimon's 15th anniversary. Digimon World Re:Digitize is releasing today in Japan. August 1st, the much celebrated date of when the Adventure children went to the Digital World, is approaching soon. Now is a great time to update as many people as we can on the status of Digimon and our fansites.

If you own a currently active site or old Digimon site that hasn't been updated in ages, do so right now! Tell us that you're just 'checking in' to update everyone, and you can link to these threads. Anyone searching through old Digimon communities can find these messages and see that the fandom as a whole is still very active, and Digimon is still going. You can link to DMO and the Re:Digitize Facebook page as well, to increase their traffic and show that english Digimon fans want more releases.

I'll be posting threads like these anywhere I can in the community, to find as many people as possible. I encourage webmasters to post in any of these threads they want to, leaving a message about who they are, what their site was all about, and what they're doing today in the Digimon fandom. You can give shout outs to old friends and any other messages you'd like to, as well. Any thread posted in will be linked to from every other thread which I can update, creating a network of them.

If you know any former webmasters, it would be a great help if you could point them here. If you're any fan in Digimon circles at DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr, I encourage you to 'check in' there, too, and recommend others to do so also. Members of Digimon communities I can't post in, such as those in other languages, can organize similar 'check ins' as well.

Here are the biggest communities I'm posting this thread to, and I'll update the list with whatever other threads get replies:
   WtW Forums @
   The Digital Dive @
   X-Evolution Forums @
   Forums @
   Digital Evolution Forums from
   /r/Digimon on

And to some RP Forums:
   Digimon Forum Roleplay @
   Digital Revolution single-thread RPGs @
   Digital Hazard @

   [More links might be added later!]

If this event becomes popular enough, maybe we could do one every year as August 1st approaches.

This has been CF from The Digital Empire. Thanks for your support of the Digimon community.

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