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Help Desk / CF's Coding Challenges!
« on: August 28, 2014 (02:07 PM) »
Why not.

Using CSS, center `div.inner` in this jsfiddle:

It must be centered 1) Without defining a width, as that could vary in both the outer and inner div, 2) With the red border properly spaced on the sides of the text, and 3) Without changing or adding any HTML code.

Hit the Run button to see if your code works, hit Update to generate a new URL to post back in this thread.

There's multiple ways to do this with modern CSS, probably none of which are supported by IE7. Too bad IE7, no one wants you.

Edit: Picture of the result to clarify.

General Digimon / Attention Digimon Webmasters: Check In!
« on: July 18, 2012 (07:30 PM) »
Attention all past and present Digimon webmasters! I'm asking you to 'check in' by leaving a message for the Digimon community.

This year is Digimon's 15th anniversary. Digimon World Re:Digitize is releasing today in Japan. August 1st, the much celebrated date of when the Adventure children went to the Digital World, is approaching soon. Now is a great time to update as many people as we can on the status of Digimon and our fansites.

If you own a currently active site or old Digimon site that hasn't been updated in ages, do so right now! Tell us that you're just 'checking in' to update everyone, and you can link to these threads. Anyone searching through old Digimon communities can find these messages and see that the fandom as a whole is still very active, and Digimon is still going. You can link to DMO and the Re:Digitize Facebook page as well, to increase their traffic and show that english Digimon fans want more releases.

I'll be posting threads like these anywhere I can in the community, to find as many people as possible. I encourage webmasters to post in any of these threads they want to, leaving a message about who they are, what their site was all about, and what they're doing today in the Digimon fandom. You can give shout outs to old friends and any other messages you'd like to, as well. Any thread posted in will be linked to from every other thread which I can update, creating a network of them.

If you know any former webmasters, it would be a great help if you could point them here. If you're any fan in Digimon circles at DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr, I encourage you to 'check in' there, too, and recommend others to do so also. Members of Digimon communities I can't post in, such as those in other languages, can organize similar 'check ins' as well.

Here are the biggest communities I'm posting this thread to, and I'll update the list with whatever other threads get replies:
   WtW Forums @
   The Digital Dive @
   X-Evolution Forums @
   Forums @
   Digital Evolution Forums from
   /r/Digimon on

And to some RP Forums:
   Digimon Forum Roleplay @
   Digital Revolution single-thread RPGs @
   Digital Hazard @

   [More links might be added later!]

If this event becomes popular enough, maybe we could do one every year as August 1st approaches.

This has been CF from The Digital Empire. Thanks for your support of the Digimon community.

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