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Digimon Gaming / Wonderswan Color
« on: December 09, 2017 (07:22 PM) »


Do I own a Wonderswan color?  [spoiler] That's not important.  What matters is I have things for my dumb nerd shelves.  I wouldn't be surprised if these have emulated versions anyway if I really wanted to play.[/spoiler]

Past Digimon Anime / In Universe to Our Universe
« on: March 29, 2017 (06:31 PM) »
Well, I feel both very smart and very stupid.

I was aware of the fact that Adventure both aired and fictionally took place in 1999.  I was aware that 02 took place 3 years later.

But for some reason it has taken me 17 years to realize that Digimon Adventure 02 is not (just) named that because it's the second season, but because it takes place 3 years after 1999, in 2002.

Anyone else ever notice/not notice this?

Edit: Uhh okay so according to Kazor this is not the first time I've realized this.  And that worries me, because I don't remember realizing it before???? :|

General Digimon / Resin Props Digivices
« on: July 15, 2013 (02:00 PM) »
Since I know some of you here are cosplayers/collectors, I figured I'd pass along the word of this shop, Resin Props.
I ordered four Digivices from her - Sora and Yamato's, along with Takeru and Hikari's D3s. 

First off, let me say she was a dream to work with - promptly answering my million questions, as well as finishing her 02 design at my request (she had started on them, but didn't have any up for sale with the rest of her Digivices).  Her shipping was super fast - I paid on Thursday and received my package on Monday.  Bear in mind that sometimes this can take longer, but I had happened to have requested two Adventure style Digivices she already had, and since she was doing the others custom for me they were ready when she put up the page - if you do a custom order, don't freak out if it's not in the mail the same day you pay. 

On to the review:
The casting is nice - there is a little bit of pitting, but that's honestly to be expected, especially with such complicated designs.  The 02 style have a bit of pitting mostly on the back, so that doesn't matter.  Their weight is very similar to the actual Digivices, and minus the clip they are identical in size, shape, and feel.  The Adventure style have the screen embedded in, which is a fantastic look, while the 02 ones are painted on.  Also good! 
She also can embed Digimon sprites into the screen if you'd like, I just decided against it.

As I said, they do not have a clip on the back, but I'm waiting for some cheap-o pedometers to get to me and I'm planning on harvesting the clips off of those (I got extra so I can test on some of my scrap resin).

On to pictures!

Adventure, in comparison with my legit ones:

And 02, along with my (better looking) Ken Digivice:

And then the full picture of the whole family:

At the time I ordered these, they were $25 a piece - which is FANTASTIC.  Especially when you consider that to get a working Digivice you normally pay $60 or up in a bidding setting.

If you guys need any Digivices, I seriously recommend her.  She also makes tags/crests!

Entertainment / OH MY GOD YOU GUYS
« on: June 02, 2013 (02:31 PM) »


Entertainment / The Fault in Our Stars
« on: May 10, 2013 (11:12 PM) »
So, the best seller that was on the charts for some ridiculous number of weeks (the last one I knew of was 53, but that was a while back), topping it for at least several weeks.

The movie rights have been optioned, bought by Fox, and as of today both Hazel and Augustus have been cast.  (Check them out!)

Have you read the book?  Are you planning to?
Probably best to spoiler anything spoilery.

Anyway, I'm pretty crazy excited for this movie now.

Role-Playing Games / Adventure 02 Alternate Reality
« on: April 24, 2013 (11:11 PM) »
(Sign ups and more backstory over this a-way.)

The Crows Nest.  The program that should have saved everything - Koushiro’s brainchild, aided by what was left of a governmental infrastructure - that was where it had gone wrong.   

Somewhere along the way, something had gone wrong.  Koushiro would probably know for the little good it did.  Best guess was something triggered their position.

The little resistance camp had been discovered.  Survivors fled, those not having been chosen to save both worlds escaping to hopefully live another day under Kawamura’s lead; it was doubtful the Digimon and their partners would be welcomed back any time soon should they manage to find the group.

    Perhaps it was the tension, perhaps it was the attacks, but when the dust settled the group had very clearly taken sides: those who stood with Taichi, and those two stood with Yamato.  The camps had split, each hoping to win this war and save as many of their loved ones as they could.  Jyou had stuck with Taichi, as had Takeru (much to Yamato’s disappointment).  Unsurprisingly, Koushiro had as well, so invested in fixing that program that he still believed could save them all.

    Yamato had ended up with the rookies.  Caleb, Kaylee, and Keiko.  At least Ken knew what he was doing, and that Daisuke hadn’t sided with his hero was an added bonus.  They’d need all the firepower they could get, and Paildramon packed a punch.

    Yamato’s ragtag group had set up a moving camp, not going to let the lesson of the previous raid go unheeded. 

    With Ken’s wounds finally healed, and communications improving by the day from both sides, things were looking up.  Well, as up as they could considering the massive monsters that hunted them daily.

    “Ishida-san,” Keiko smiled, returning from a scouting mission, “the drugstore’s safe.  I got us some essentials - there was even some bottled water left.”

    The girl, though still timid, seemed to be breaking out of her shell slowly but surely.
    Her partner Digimon swooped behind her, dropping her own bag of goodies, perching and eyeing the food.  Twinkies were good for, like, ever right? 


Sign-Ups and Discussion / Adventure 02 Alternate Reality Sign Ups
« on: April 24, 2013 (11:10 PM) »
Wheee, after discussing this with jagggar and indigo, I'm starting this up again.  Feel free to apply if you feel like joining.

Rough back story:

Some time ago I got to thinking that defeating MaloMyotismon was far too easy.

So, what if they hadn't won?

After being in a coma-like dream state for years, the now adult Chosen Children (as well as any OC CC) have awoken, finding themselves in this terrifying new world.  Japan is in ruins, with powerful and angry Digimon seemingly at every turn.  The ones that managed to find each other have gathered in a new sort of civilization of survivors, searching for the other and searching for a way to win.

First post has the rest of the skip.

If you'd like to read/reread the original RP, you can still find it over yonder.  Also, here's the old signup page, just for a refresher. (Though, fair warning, some things may be subject to change.)

Canon Characters:
Taichi: (previously Kaizie)
Yamato: indigo
Jyou: (previously indigo)
Koushiro: (previously indigo)
Takeru: (previously indigo)

Daisuke:  Kaizie
Ken: jagggar

The Previously characters, while not in the current party, may make reappearances. 

Keiko: Kaizie
Kaylee: jagggar
Caleb: indigo
[spoiler=Filler Ocs]
Crap ton of filler OCS I believe were mostly played by me.
The ones I can remember are as follows
Kawamura (F), the camp leader.
Yuriko(F) and Eiji(M), scouts with muscle.  And guns.
Masao(M), tough kid.  Has a baseball bat he calls the "Bat Splat-er" for whacking bat scouts.

If you're applying with an OC, here's the old form:

Character Name:
Type of Digivice: (01 or 02 - and what color)
Crest? (Not necessary):
Digimental/Digiegg? (Not Necessary):
Digimon (Original or Madeup):
(If made up, please describe all stages you plan on using, all attacks, etc)
Likes/Dislikes?: (not necessary, but might just be fun facts)
What their dream was:

Free For All / TK I CAN SEE YOU
« on: February 13, 2013 (11:38 PM) »

Entertainment / King of the Nerds
« on: January 24, 2013 (02:15 PM) »
So, I am not normally one for Reality TV.  I've made exceptions in the past, but as a rule of thumb I usually don't care for them.  I'm also wary of anything labeling itself Nerd.
So when I heard about this new reality game show series on TBS, King of the Nerds, I was.. cautious.

Here's a link to the first episode.

I... I actually kinda like it.  I think I'll be following this, and anyone else who will be is welcome to hop in on the discussion.
Next episode airs tonight.

Episode Spoilers
[spoiler]As for spoilers, after checking out Hendrick's profile on the TBS site I'm super sad he went home, because he listed his favorite game as Desert Bus, and that's amazing. 
I also already know I cannot stand Alana.  She whines way too much - like seriously, one hour into competition and you're in the confessional blubbering about how you just KNOW you're going home baww bawwww? 
I am undecided on Danielle.
And I'm sure Virgil's gonna give us some laughs, I can already see his nerd rage boiling.[/spoiler]

General Gaming / Wii U Super Smash Bros
« on: January 23, 2013 (07:40 PM) »
This will be a thing

More details to come after E3. 
Let the fan bullshit begin!

Free For All / I just need to tell everyone
« on: November 17, 2012 (03:44 AM) »
I just had a moment of sheer panic, followed by soaring joy. 

I'm on a new computer, and realized I hadn't religiously checked my favorite webcomic (which hasn't updated in at least a year, I'm thinking closer to two though) as I do at least once a month, usually once a week.
Finding it on google led me to an old page.  Like, way early in the comic.

I tried another link.

Then another.

Still that old page!

I began to panic. 

I found their Facebook, and saw something about a redesign, but there were hardly any comments.  It was probably old, I figured, and searched still for a link to the page I remembered. 

Then I went back to Facebook and looked more carefully at the date.  It was 2012. 
The post was from the 11th.

They said they were going to repost the whole thing, and then..
at the end..





Also, the comic is called Marry Me, it's cheesy as hell and adorable, and I love it.  I'm shakey from how excited I am over this.  I just thought you all should know. 

News and Announcements / Dear Teacher
« on: October 08, 2012 (02:19 AM) »
Please excuse jagggar from class, as AT&T is updating her internet service.  She will be absent for and unknown period of time.  Please send her homework with a classmate.

Or something.

She said "Canceled our landline, but with how AT&T is going about shutting everything off and giving us a new internet package, I'm not sure when we'll have internet back."
SO, yeah. 

News and Announcements / Welcome Back
« on: August 07, 2012 (01:39 AM) »
Welcome back, everyone.  And a big thanks to Celebi!

Anime / Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
« on: July 06, 2012 (11:35 PM) »
So, anyone who was here a few years ago maybe remembers how stupidly excited I was when they announced the new season of Slayers?


Sailor moon is coming out with a new season.
Summer 2013.

I am literally too excited to put it into words.  It's mostly just flailing and gurgling noises right now.

First proof, and the niconico video. (I'll update that with subs when available)

General Discussion & Debate / Tell Me A Story
« on: June 15, 2012 (12:57 AM) »
Alternatively, what are you reading?

Books, manga, articles in Reader's Digest, hell even fanfics, .  What are you reading, what have you just finished reading, would you recommend it to others?

I admit, when I was younger I read quite a bit, but when school made it such a chore (and in some cases scolded me when I kept reading out of enjoyment) that I fell out of the habit, and honestly that shames me.  Part of the reason it's been so hard to get back into is just figuring out where to start.  What to try. 
So, I figure maybe there are a few of you out there also like me, in need of suggestions (or wanting to suggest things to others).  So here's a topic for us.

I've just (literally less than five minutes before starting to type up this topic) finished reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  I enjoyed it immensely, as I have all of his books.  And now I hunt for something new to consume. 
What about you?

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