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General Discussion & Debate / do you believe in the avatar?
« on: October 26, 2017 (02:09 PM) »
Simba merited, whatever's happening, I'm pretty sure everybody could do well with at least knowing there's someone online doing impossible things all over the place,
no, not unlike how rad I am, for getting the crest of courage unlocked, win. ☀Tai,
but still....

At the very least the message ringing out is,; Ashley, Honiker is looking for you; He knows who you are...

So like though, where was what was after in before it over more, what's going on? Did you hear Simba's the new avatar, and started the american fan fiction revolution,
and by that I mean, he's writing better fan fiction than most people get, ever, but also american fan fiction, and it looks like he might have started,
the sessetion movement on the pacific coast, that's lit up, especially in Oregon,
but that it's said sure enough,
Dali Lama isn't half so ancient a title as Avatar, and that, alone, still, this new one is, flexing his powers, and arked for global fame, and revolution
across all aspect resonances, you know?

What do you guys think happened to bending, if it was real? Why did it go away?
Have you hailed to the new avatar? He's ameeerican, AND a fan, I think, of freedom and love, pursuits of happiness, you know? God? Love? God?
same thing, you know, IF, we thought, duh, good word, thanks America, we owe you one.

General Discussion & Debate / Re: having to go to school
« on: October 26, 2017 (02:04 PM) »
You're cliche are unremarkable, and your powers of proof that this is indeed, fun, are waning...

General Discussion & Debate / Re: DAY MAN
« on: October 26, 2017 (02:02 PM) »
Celebi call, someone,
special, probably, and tell him, to find out where TK is, you need, help, I think; he's good with animals I know you'll like him. Hello, by the way, what?

Entertainment / Re: Ghooooooooooooooooooost
« on: October 26, 2017 (01:20 PM) »
Celebi wha.. really?

Alright, I don't know anything about these andru the spider allegations, but maybe for Myo's sake we should let her know to warn him, if he's
what still online? Superman's talking about him "...and here that this was officially public enemy number one, is Myotismon.." Garurumon,
apparently, is still mad, about something he did. Do they play games?

General Digimon / Re: Digimon Tri General Discussion
« on: October 26, 2017 (01:12 PM) »
Did you guys,
wanna now what "digimon tri" used to mean? that you'd try and read, More closely, way better okay maybe some day some time for it all again some life I know about still again some?
right, so know that it was, never that hard, to think, mayyybe, that Tk was terriermon and matt was henry but really takato was motimon and that's
never not made since to guilmon
who by the way if he tried to say "gillian" would sound like he meant
someone else?
next time, on Digimon,
try it yourself some time, okay?

I am still trying to decide if you are a well crafted bot or have a schizophrenia diagnosis. I mean no disrespect but polite curiosity.
I think maybe you're overestimating how much credit you have left, Myotismon, after your ultimate was a giant roided out spider, I'm pretty sure.
No disrespect, after all lots people use criotine. Wait.. I don't know if that's how you spell criotine but I guessed, and now the spell check is saying it's a, thingy, rearranged for necrotic. I DON'T know what a necrotic is, actually, even a little bit at all.
What is digimon tri then, Myo?
Is it special? Who's your favorite digimon design?
Did you know Guilmon, with his accent, would always pronounce the kids' name Gillian, as "Guilmon"?

General Digimon / Re: Digimon Tri General Discussion
« on: October 21, 2017 (04:24 PM) »
Did you guys,
wanna now what "digimon tri" used to mean? that you'd try and read, More closely, way better okay maybe some day some time for it all again some life I know about still again some?
right, so know that it was, never that hard, to think, mayyybe, that Tk was terriermon and matt was henry but really takato was motimon and that's
never not made since to guilmon
who by the way if he tried to say "gillian" would sound like he meant
someone else?
next time, on Digimon,
try it yourself some time, okay?

General Discussion & Debate / Re: DAY MAN
« on: October 21, 2017 (04:19 PM) »
Day Mon!
Defender of the world, send! Believe in everyone!
Night Mon, that was the spidER! the little spider! don't simply think to wash it out That
It will!
Return from water!
The itsy spider, so call the Daymon uv the sun!☀

Digimon Gaming / Re: Digimon Links (Android, IOS)
« on: October 21, 2017 (04:15 PM) »
that's really funny that you said bootleg, what?

if it's got a digital creature on it; it's real digimon, no exceptions..

you know how that word came about? digimon and champion, started at the same school,

when some kid's nanopet evolved, because he programmed music into it; LOTS of musical algorithms, harmonic symphony, can be done unto a computer with THREE whole buttons,
binart was just 1 and 0, after all, right?

Well like, sure enough, monochromon lit up?
He created a pixel form bran new, and smashed, every nano pet around, he was the champion of the whole school, some nanopet impossible, "man that thing's a digital MONster",

so like what do you mean? Can you tell me what sorts of games you're even talking about? looking things up when there's people who want to talk about it with me anyway bums me out man, what's up?

Entertainment / Re: Ghooooooooooooooooooost
« on: October 21, 2017 (04:10 PM) »
do you have any idea how creepy that name is? Myo? Are you serious?

Andru the spider, lured to the digital world, became Andromon to try and tell the digimon he was, more, human, than they are, and so surely,
they didn't care;
it was the old, humans control robots phase he tried to instigate, and that was planned for, surely so soar, but like, why'd you want his name
Myotismon, to be there for you? What gives? That guy's a monster; a spider, not a bat.

I'd totally want to see what ghooooooooost is, except, death metal was called that by Rock and Roll, to hint tell robots it was corruptive music that tortured machines, to hear,
Mega Man and Roll, I mean; the kids who shattered the laws of robotics by being robot, AND human, when they were born, you know?

What's myo mean to you, anyway?
what's that link even to?

The Welcome Mat / Re: Yo :)
« on: October 21, 2017 (03:41 PM) »
Hey, you're totally here at some dive site and that's pretty cool,
supposed to be that a digital dive is an epic one but everybody acts like they figured out there's love, you know?
They just, figured it out and don't talk out loud about it anymore, so I guess it's all, okay, for life,

but like, If you didn't know, Superman's gone and declared Myotismon public enemy number one, in the Superman directives skating over the net right now, pretty intense,
hail to emperor garurumon, he says, and acknowledge digimon, so we'll lighten up out here, I'm pretty sure, hi!

Who's your favorite digimon?

they took the playground away at junior high, so it's just, outside?
wait, if it had been just, outside, before,
would you have forgotten how to do this, or, gotten better?

"You're not the SAME anymore, Optimus!
your days, are NUMbered!"
"I don't number My Days, for Anyone, Megatron, especially not, Yours!" whoa, damn what the... what?
"You'll have to scream a little louder, your grunts aren't causing dramatic effect enough,
"Is that what you,
well he tripped him, but,
why did.. I don't...
trips like that don't work... "I'll kill you while you're down, and we can BOTH die laughing,
but YOU won't!" "I, will, NEVER, die!"
what the hell kind of fight is this? "Megatron, kick his ass!" "hear for, Megatron?
they can't believe, you even know your endgame rituals...
kick, my, ass?" "it's colloquial, Megatron, he's only trying to mess with you... Is that what you thought we could do here, Optimus Prime?"
"Stand Back!
He'll try and confuse you, but you can't give in!" "Optimus, the algorithms are approaching,"
"decepticons! decepticons everywhere!"
"well shot, Ace!" he didn't, oh that kid,
tried to confuse 'em too?
what is this? "hey how much,
trouble do you get into,
when you don't, talk all trippy, and get shots off like that?"
"what are you talking about?
oh, they're,
what?" "like,
if no one here, ah, never, okay, I gotta watch..."
"Who are, today, Megatron?
algorithms approaching? your allies are seeking less for shelter, I think, in YOUR undoing, or, my own?" "Nothing you can say, can waste MY time,
Optimus, I hold, all the cards, and you don't know, WHY, I brought you here..." "Star scream,! Where is Star scream?!" "He's not here, Optimus!"
"Find Star scream! Megatron, is Mine!" whuh,! 'wait how the hell can you push people like that?'
'ever tried to get him to try?' 'I dont, what?' 'no one can figure it,
cuz like, other kids will swear, they're actually strong enough to throw you back, with double handed punch, but,
can YOU get him to respond the way you want?' this can't be real... what the ... are we doing this... "Optimus! I don't know star scream, what do you need!"
"Take Megatron!
I'll find the... Autobots, seekers approaching! Roll out!"
this scatter... no way... "don't think he didn't see that, just cuz you cried out...
but listen," wait, who is,  "if you wanna talk, do something rad?"
I was rad...
but like, he could make that kid sound like a chauvenist, or something,
I was like, sure this was awesome, some sleeper agent, ready to feed, but,
just cuz he's being different? "Are all Decepticons under Megatron?"
"Not, a question, I had to know about,
back on MY first day,
but I ran out of things to say... and I was never even... here..."
I... ohkay that's a lot funnier when he just runs like a girl.. wow.. oh look, I'm still standing, did I get singled out?
"What did,
what was going on here?"
"I was killing someone,
but like, I lost... damnit!" walk away, head down, frustrated, damnit!

"was that a question, or..."? "they said you were him.." "just hymn, or can I sing a little?"
"hot rod?"
"What? what?
this Can't be right?
we're not the same anymore! someone's aspecting all our breaches, sailooour!"
"Hot Rod I'm not your FRIEND anymore!" "you, you think this is a game? it is." "no! you're not my alias, Hot Rod! Change back! change back!" "I can't... Be what you want anymore, Charlie! It just isn't me, no more!"
"No more?
Maybe you got caught in the middle, allen, but I ain't your game, who.."
"Who do you think you are, anyway?
gettin' me to change, in the middle of that,?
I ain't no transformer; power up somewhere else..."
"But you are. a transformer, i saw you, do it..."
"oh hey, damn, cool,
did I win at something?" "not just enough, bumblebee,
Hot Rod's here; he's not the same anymore..."
"Oh you don't think I can be Optimus, too?" "that doesn't make any sense; the transformers are battle robots," "robots in disguise sailor.." "yeah giant ones, with big guns, not little kids," "just guns?" "and planes and shit.."
"always big, or, just effective?
you know size isn't everything sailor, it can be a lot, though,
how figure? this in arrange? I know, I know,
who said?"
"that I knew about transformers?" "that they weren't little kids?" "why would you.."-
"get famous for talkin' to people?
as a plane?
probably sailor scouts, or you know,
God, maybe, I like God,"

Entertainment / they were just kids you know : RObots, ^In disGUise
« on: August 27, 2017 (10:27 PM) »
you'd have to talk to them, at school, that trippy kid you thought was rad,
no uh,
when you talk to him, try and access Optimus Prime..." "what?" "act like.. damnit, uh, Kyle,!" "You called my name.."
"I can call, but,
change about, not like an oder, or," "the idea you're expressing, is less than what you'd have,
for a start, or,
some aspect you could achieve, without me..." "You're Optimus?"
"I wanted him,
to see what,
people can do..
he thinks you're cool,
but like,
he gets locked on?" "not making fun, are you?" "not without you, apparently," "how can I engage you, if we didn't know, we're just starving, Optimus,
I think you're cool all the days,
and makes people..
I don't know.."
"Hunger can change you,
what you asked me to be
it's not something I'm afraid of, and these worlds, that We live in, can change, around us, or can they ever
be expected to remain?" "the same not..."
"so change we must, and
if shelter, we could seek,
maybe change about us, was something none of us had remembered to control, or aspect, reach, and thrive against, or, tu know of what we'd even
have to want, to live for?" "be alive... think..."
you know?

Fan Fiction & Writing / something lost, rename an episode?
« on: August 27, 2017 (09:37 PM) »
Matt: Listen Tai, it's not gunna change, just because we wanted it to... (right?)
Tai: Well I was gunna keep, being alive,
and I want to it to change, so what did you think was gunna happen?
Cari: We're talking about Joe, again, right?
Matt: No Cari, we're talking like Joe, kido... saint... scholar.. gentleman really... you know, maybe we can just shorten it all to Joe, and you guys don't have to worry so much about it, alright?
Cari: old reliable Joe,
that's effing scary that you can do that, though, shut up, in the future
TK: I can be Joe,
but then, someone's gunna have to be TK..
Cari: TK we can just, assume it was TK playing Joe, and
Matt: Don't go "playing" Joe, Cari, he's our friend, it's not cool...
Mimi: Auh, daire...
Tai: Can I say for the kids at home, that no assumes that's what playing Joe meant, unless he's, no, not from a casino, but if you're most of the time, all the way, huritng people,
and Joe, then the default is, worried about thinking you can hurt Joe, like it's play,
Cari: and like, Agumon, ssh, you're the kid at home, duh, jungle, and like, he doesn't not just hurt, everyone, all the time, so 'play' actually means, pretend like it's okay and well all want to, anyway...
TK: this got less fun but I'll just be TK and nobody has to know about it, okay?
Matt: TK I'm not yours, you can't play me like that...
Joe: Who's playing who, and, what now?
Cari: Oh my god, Joe, thank God...
Tai: She sounds so excited...
TK: I was excited...
Matt: Joe won't talk, guys, until you break deadpan...
Joe: That a, digimon we're working on destroying, here? deadpan,mon?
TK: Oh who the crap told you about Deadpanmon!
Joe: what,the,
TK: You can't DO this to me, Joe!
I'm not friend anymore!
Aah! AAH! Damn it! God! I hate, EVERYTHING! AAAH!
Tai(whispering):Cari he literally has no, idea, what's happening, to TK,
unless we react for him...
Cari: Damnit,
fu, TK! Stop kicking things,! we don't know which of them are digimon in this part of the world, okay??
Matt: I'm not yours, Cari, but if
you act like that, I think I could be...
Joe: I thought you were,
one for Sora, all the days, Matt...
TK:You're not alive anymore, Matt!
I hate you!
Sora's my friend too and I won't, get, over it!
Joe(aside to Cari): what'd I miss, why's TK pushing Matt like that?
Cari: You're not alive, Joe, you can't really be here... None of this is making sense, anymore...
Tai: Cari maybe we should stop them... they're looking, I don't know, is this right?
Cari: How long can he keep doing this for? Is anyone gunna know?
Tai: I guess you're right; they're brothers, after all, and brothers fight, right?
Cari: that isn't him, this can't be right, Joe, there's no way... Joe... Joe! Joe, snap out of it!
Sora: Is everyone all, whoa, trippy looking, I guess, hi, guys, what's up?
Cari: I don't really know, Joe are you okay?
Tai: I'm not the spacey one or anything, Joe's here, now, I guess...
Matt: hey, I know, buddy, what happened?
TK: I don't remember... I was... I thought.. I don't...
Matt: you cut your hand really bad, buddy, was that on, were you playing with the stump, over there?
Joe: he was pushing..-
Cari: I didn't.. huh...
Tai: I think, we're all a little spaced out, right now, Joe you're,
Sora: You guys, TK wasn't..
wait, you're..
Joe(whispers): guys... I think there's a digimon messing with us, everyone's acting a LOT trippier than you know about isn't really happening like this...
Tai: where's Mimi?
Mi, Mi mi!
Matt: What the hell?
Cari: How long has she not been at camp?
Matt: this doesn't make sense, she was just...
no way...
Tai: Mi mi!!
Cari: Mi mi! Where are yoou!
Tai: Mi mi!
Cari: no effing way is this happening...
Joe: come on, Cari's, she's probably just-
Cari: the digimon are gone...
every single one of them...
Joe: what the...
Tai what did you...
Sora? guys what... why are you all,
standing around like...
hello? guys?
(no way is this real...
they're all just, frozen, or, dead?
no way is that thing real, they're like,
arlight, what is happening here? maybe...
Cari... Cari was trying to snap me out of it,
where did I get to...
is this real, anymore?)
Matt: Well, I don't life's going to put on pause, for us, or anything, but uh
Sora: I totally missed what you were saying, you were talking, sorry, what?
Tai: I missed that too, sorry, Joe, not, sorry not Joe,
Matt, what the,
Matt: don't usually care when I'm talking, I know... something is..
TK: Are you messing with me, or, are we gunna have sex?
Matt: just, hang on TK, I'm trying to, wait, what did you say?
TK: Are we gunna...
Tai: No way is that what just happened...
Cari: What did you think he said...
Tai: Are we gunna...
uh, Joe, you're not, you heard what I heard, right?
Joe: I don't think I know what's going on anymore...
hey, where are, the digimon?
(no way....
no way....
how the hell is this real?
they're all just, frozen...
totally frozen...
what the hell is happening?
I gotta get outa here!)

Tai: so like,
hours later, we just act like, he ran off all of the sudden, right?
Matt: no, not anymore...
Sora: did you.. what the,
did you lose Joe?
Cari: Tai seems to be avoiding responsibility, lately...
Matt: guys did you...
Tai: TK?
They can't have run off together that doesn't make any sense...
Matt: did you..
you didn't see him go...
Sora: TK shows people stuff all the time,
they're probably fine..
Tai: where's Agu..
ah, alas, Mimi is still gone, as are the digmonsters,
something tells me, she likes them or something, sincerely...
Cari: do you get the feeling we're being watched?
Sora: don't, not think that,
something's got a trippy bead on us right now...
Matt: maybe we should find TK
Tai: Naut a bad idea,
Cari: Mi mi!
Sora: Joe! Agumon! Gomamon where are you?!
Tai: Joe!
Matt: TK! Hey Paaatamaaaun!
no trouble,
just where'd you all run off...
Cari: (this is,
probably less fun when
it's just for spies...
kinda wish someone...
Patamon: what you all got ears for, anyway? I'm just checkin' in, you worried or somethin'?
Tai: can you hear something watching us?
Sora: better not,


digivolution, activate...

Patamon: Patamon digivolve toouuu...

What If... / Re: Your life has become a sitcom.
« on: August 27, 2017 (09:04 PM) »
What you can't believe I was PLANNING on this?

I don't think you're ALL that there, Tai...

Come on Cari, me, Tai?

Tai what makes you think it's all there for, Anyone?

Anyone's not me, and I'm not, JUST anyone, Cari...

Oh, you're Tai, and that makes it better, right?

Agumon: Hey, who didn't want to include me in this conversation?

Cari: Agumon, we're.. uh, I don't even know anymore...

Tai: Look Cari, don't worry so much about it; I'm not alive anyway, I just exist is all...

Agumon: I think you're alive, Tai...

No, no, like, nothing, got good, and cool... oh, I didn't give a funny situation... damnit... you know what? Normally Tai and Cari talking, and then Agumon, is just a really funny situation,
so like, damnit, what?

sitcom; situation comedy,
I don't know what it means, it just sucks to be around...

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