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General Discussion & Debate / Re: Complicated.
« Last post by Digimon_Sommelier on Yesterday at 03:12 PM »
Still complicated. 2013-present.
Free For All / Re: FIRST 2019 POST
« Last post by Myo470 on February 10, 2019 (01:47 PM) »
Yeah, alright. I'll give this a bump.
General Digimon / Re: Honest thoughts on the 02 epilogue
« Last post by Digimon_Sommelier on February 09, 2019 (12:15 PM) »
I was right. They did end Tri in 2018. A new movie, showing Tai Kamiya at 22, is going to be released this year. Iím curious...
Anime / Unholy!!
« Last post by Digimon_Sommelier on January 30, 2019 (03:29 PM) »
Pokemon - Season 1 theme. "I wanna' be the very best, like no one ever was...!"

Classifieds / Re: Megitz: an unfiltered DIGIMON Source . . .
« Last post by Digimon_Sommelier on January 22, 2019 (04:03 PM) »
Classifieds / Anime Crusade
« Last post by Digimon_Sommelier on January 12, 2019 (09:04 PM) »
Bump-ba-da-bump-bump! ^.^
Planning like crazy. But I'm up for it. ^.^
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Complicated.
« Last post by Myo470 on January 08, 2019 (07:14 PM) »
I feel you. Going into mental health has more twists and turns for a career than I could have ever imagined from suicidal people to people sticking things in their... Members.

Did I tell you about my last job? I don't remember telling you all those things about my last job.

Those are all totally things that happened at the PRTF I worked at.

Also, a girl stuck a pen in her arm. No, that's not a typo. Pen, not pin. It did not go as she planned. (Well, that's less of an "also" and more of an example of a suicidal person.)

Yah, if you want more stories and things to look out for, Myo, shoot me a message. >D

(So, like, anyone who tells me they're against letting trans people transition, I'm going to ask them if allowing sex reassignment surgery is worse than someone born with a penis cutting it off themselves because that's how certain they are that it doesn't belong.)

Just  getting back to you now: We had a guy that stuck a pen tube into his penis. And THAT one is not a typo either. :)
General Discussion & Debate / Re: So, like, what is everyone doing in life now?
« Last post by Myo470 on January 08, 2019 (07:13 PM) »
So, never updated after my last update. I got the job that I was hopeful for in May and have been working at it since July for my new company. I am a counselor in the system of corrections and so I see inmates on a day to day basis. It has been pretty interesting so far which is good for me because I get bored with things easily and this definitely keeps me on my toes. Am currently also undergoing supervision (we need two years of supervised work hours meeting with a supervisor weekly) towards having a license so that's something too.
General Discussion & Debate / Re: So, like, what is everyone doing in life now?
« Last post by celebi on January 07, 2019 (04:55 AM) »
For some reason this forum name popped into my head and I decided to spend my Saturday night posting here. Hi again, everyone. To all of you who finished your schooling, many congratulations.

I don't even remember the last time I posted, so here's the abridged version of the past six years or so:

When I joined this forum, I was living in MN and pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy. Somewhere during first year, I realized it wasn't a good fit and had an inkling that medicine was the right career. Around 2012 or so, I started to shadow a few physicians, which confirmed that yes, it was a better fit. After disappearing from the face of TDD, I wound up leaving the PT program (it was not a rash decision and a lot of factors went into it, including a hospitalization that resulted in an extended absence from the program) and starting the pre-med journey almost from scratch. I applied once in 2013 and was unsuccessful (waitlisted at one place and never got off), so I retook the MCAT, took a bunch of higher-level molecular bio courses, worked at a public health clinic in Nicaragua, worked as a medical scribe, and dabbled in public speaking (not necessarily in order). The second time I applied, I received eight interview invites and ultimately matriculated into medical school.

Fast forward to today-- I currently live in VA. I'm more or less content with med school. Being a physician is a much better fit, and although the few gunners have soured the experience and a family member recently had a cancer scare (negative), I'm much happier. Although I started out interested in OB/GYN, my interests have shifted toward dermatology. At the risk of sounding like a gunner myself, I have the grades for derm, but definitely need a couple of research publications to be considered competitive.

Anyway just checking in... I wish you all the best and am glad that many of you already seem to be in a good place. :)

Does this mean you have some good advice for my probable rotator cuff injury that's because harassing me for months and stopping progress on my bench? (OHP fine tho)
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