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News and Announcements / Re: Theme Change
« Last post by Myo470 on June 08, 2019 (11:19 PM) »
Seems fitting that the theme is Belphemon sleep move tbh
General Digimon / Re: New Digimon Adventure movie
« Last post by Myo470 on June 08, 2019 (11:17 PM) »
Do you think we'll ever get a Digimon movie like Detective Pikachu? Would a part CGI and part live action movie even work in Digimon universe?

Unfortunately, no. Digimon hasn't expanded enough imo for that kind of production just because the money isn't there. :( :/ . I don't know that I would like to see a live action deal either. I enjoy it in the realm of animation and honestly cringe when I see people doing live action Digimon projects personally.
General Digimon / Re: New Digimon Adventure movie
« Last post by JarrodPel on June 04, 2019 (08:42 AM) »
Do you think we'll ever get a Digimon movie like Detective Pikachu? Would a part CGI and part live action movie even work in Digimon universe?
Digimon Gaming / Re: Digimon Survive [2019]
« Last post by Flamedramon on June 02, 2019 (04:32 PM) »
Yeah, I watched this Dev Diary thing yesterday too, and got real stoked about it. Especially hyped for how much the producer was saying he wants to echo the vibe of the first few anime series with how the characters develop relationships with their partners. I'm not big on visual novel style games, but this looks like a healthy mix of that styled with the heart of Digimon and tactical RPG elements to keep my interest.

Agreed all the way. At first, when he was discussing hopes and plans for the game, I was just sitting there, taking it all in. But it was when they began actually describing the game as such that I found myself yelling "YES!" or "IT'S LIKE YOU'RE LIVING THE ANIME!" at my screen. Like Ryo, I don't normally do visual novel games, but I think this somehow works perfectly well for something like Digimon. Actually, thinking about it, I'm surprised this hasn't been done before yet.

And is it just me, or does the tactical RPG combat system look like it works well for the kind of fighting you'd see in the older anime? I mean, instead of a Pokémon-esque turn based system that feels a bit off when you apply it to Digimon, I rather like the idea of commanding your digimon to different spaces on the battlefield, choosing who to attack, and how many of your digimon will fight together, or rather, if you want to fight alone. To me, it feels like with all these options, you could imagine any of these scenarios re-enacting some moment or fight in any of the first few anime. There have certainly been fights involving one on one combat between digimon, but there were also fights that had multiple digimon teaming up to either fight one opponent (such as that one fight against Etemon, or hell, the FIRST fight in the anime against Kuwagamon,) or where they had to fight a whole group of enemies. Maybe it is just me, but seeing the game's combat system function like this, along with what Ryo already pointed out, makes this all feel like a genuine Digimon experience to me. I freakin' love it.
Digimon Gaming / Re: Digimon Survive [2019]
« Last post by Ryo on June 02, 2019 (03:36 PM) »

Yeah, I watched this Dev Diary thing yesterday too, and got real stoked about it. Especially hyped for how much the producer was saying he wants to echo the vibe of the first few anime series with how the characters develop relationships with their partners. I'm not big on visual novel style games, but this looks like a healthy mix of that styled with the heart of Digimon and tactical RPG elements to keep my interest.

I think it's actually releasing on all gaming platforms (including PC) now, but yea I've been excited to have a Digimon game for my Switch since it's pretty much just been gathering dust since I finished BoTW
Digimon Gaming / Re: Digimon Survive [2019]
« Last post by Flamedramon on June 01, 2019 (09:15 PM) »
Aww, you guys beat me to it. /_\

But yeah, I just saw the Dev Diary video on Youtube today, which is coincidentally also the first time I became aware of Digimon Survive. Needless to say, I'm beyond excited for this game! I think it's the first time in many years that something Digimon related got me this worked up, so I'm looking forward to this game's release, and hopefully, MAYBE, a North American release of the game. Considering how much they talked about wanting to push the Digimon franchise overseas, I'm feeling strangely hopeful that this is a good sign of things to come. ^.^

That said, the cynic in me is keeping up enough of an emotional wall so that if the final product isn't up to the hype after all, I can feel justified in my distrust of anything that's too good to be true. Then again, these are the same people who have made Digimon games I've enjoyed in some way or another, and I have to remember not everyone is a seedy, scummy scam artist, so I may need to tone down the dread by quite a bit. But still, I just don't want anyone or anything to rain on my parade, considering things like this don't happen to me as often as I'd like them to.

DIGIMON SURVIVE will be out in 2019 for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

It'll be on the Switch as well?! Now I have options! But seriously, that makes me pretty happy, seeing as I've had some issues regarding my PS4 lately (nothing major; just small personal problems of mine,) and it'd be nice to enjoy a game I'm excited for on a system I prefer, instead of being stuck on some system that's left me feeling burnt out.

Well, time to binge on some Digimon media in the meantime. If more news of Digimon Survive comes out, you can bet I'll sponge it up and want to discuss it ASAP.
General Gaming / Re: Pokemon Sword Version and Pokemon Shield Version
« Last post by Flamedramon on June 01, 2019 (08:49 PM) »
Took me long enough to respond, right? Anyway, yeah, that's something I slowly realized as well. Granted, I stopped watching the anime some time before Ash made his way to Hoenn, so it's not like I care enough about what's going on anymore to complain and criticize a show I stopped following. But I can still sympathize with how you must feel about a possible new Gen 8 style Pokémon anime. I'm certainly not going to watch it, as I've grown fed up with the anime's interpretation of the Pokémon world (granted, I do go back and re-watch seasons spanning Kanto, the Orange Islands and Johto for nostalgic reasons.)

Guess the best some of us can do is grit our teeth and wait to see what news we get throughout the year. In the meantime, I'll keep myself amused either in nostalgia land or with the few recent Pokémon games I ended up enjoying (such as Pokkén.)
General Discussion & Debate / Re: Who Are You in the World?
« Last post by Flamedramon on June 01, 2019 (08:23 PM) »
Interesting; I'll give this a shot. So let's see here...

Positives: I also take responsibility for my actions, but also for the well-being of others placed in my care, or anything I desired owning. I seem to be creative and probably artistic as well, and I'm certainly intelligent enough to take care of myself, so... yeah. I have a good (albeit sometimes "warped," as my mother likes to teasingly call it) sense of humor, and I enjoy being helpful and supporting towards others; possibly to a fault even. I stick to being a kind, friendly and loving person, who'd rather approach others with politeness and respect instead of the alternative, and I have always told myself I prefer to make friends, not enemies. I believe in being patient for what you want, even if I take it to the Nth degree and literally wait for years before I can get something on my personal wish list; even to the point where what I've been waiting for may be outdated by the time I get it. I also adhere to the rule of sharing what you have with others and being grateful for what you're given, even if it's not what you wanted or expected. I'm compassionate enough that when I see someone else in pain, I share in their pain almost immediately and wish to help them through it. This also ties in to me being a sensitive soul, as I can be rather sentimental and touchy-feely at times. In other words, I've been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. I also personally enjoy the satisfaction of earning something you've worked hard for, instead of simply being given something for free. Another virtue I pursue is loyalty; if there's someone or something you love, and they treat you kindly and lovingly in return, I believe you should stay by their side for as humanly long as possible. Additionally, I like staying committed to whatever I get involved with, be it a personal relationship, a promise, an obligation, or what have you. I have little patience for people who refuse to keep their commitments.

Other than that, from what people have told me, I seem to be brave enough to act strong and dependable in even the most horrifying ordeals (even though I don't see it that way from my perspective. I panic easily.) I've also been told by a friend that many of my positive and negative emotions and behavioral traits stem from me caring so much about others and the things I love, which I'm inclined to believe. If I didn't care about anything, I wouldn't give it a second thought. From what my own mother has told me, I seem to overthink things too. Judging from how long this post is already, well, I think you get the idea. Though on the bright side, at least this means I'm a thoughtful and considerate person. Other traits I'm told I have are that I'm generous, imaginative and that I'm "humble to a fault." Granted however, I've gotten better at taking pride in myself lately.

...Oh right, and I rather enjoy the fact that I'm a passionate fellow. If I like someone or something, I'll make it apparent. On that note, I also forgot to point out that going hand in hand with loyalty and commitment, I'm also a rather determined fella'. For better or worse when it comes to me, I have a hard time knowing when to give up. That said though, I do know when to fold 'em every now and again. It's all a case by case basis, ya know?

Negatives: Hoo boy, here we go. So, what comes first to mind is my (in)famous short temper. While I've gotten better at controlling it as I've grown over the years, I'm still quite the hot-head at times. Push the right buttons and I can be easy to tick off. Once upset, I can take things a bit too far and end up doing and saying things I might regret later, which leads me to bottling up my anger while I'm in the moment, which is, of course, also unhealthy. Despite my intelligence, I've noticed I can be quite spacey at times, leading me to do some embarrassingly foolish and stupid things. What a joy that is, he said sarcastically. As I get older, it's becoming more apparent how clumsy I am too. Most of the injuries I sustain seem to be a result of my own undoing or blatant carelessness. And as mentioned earlier, my habit of overthinking things can be a bad habit, as it leads me to making mountains out of molehills and not allowing myself to live in the moment and take things as they come. It also causes me to become obsessive if something really catches my attention. As for my determination? At its worst, it can become outright stubbornness; causing me to either not budge an inch if I don't want to do something, or become a total pain in the ass if I'm forced into it. Likewise, when it comes to being "humble to a fault," this has roots in my lifelong struggle with self-esteem. I'm much better at it now as an adult than when I was a kid, but I'm sure it's still lurking somewhere in my subconscious. Even my sensitivity can be used against me, as this extends not only to emotional sensitivity, but also physical and mental sensitivity too. It's for this reason why I can't watch anything with gore in it, why I can't stand someone or something that I may deem too "mean-spirited" (whatever that may entail,) and why the thought of visiting a dentist or going into surgery sends me into hysterics. Not to mention, Heaven forbid, something horrible happens to my loved ones or my cherished belongings. I'll probably lose my mind by that point.

As mentioned before, given the right circumstances, I panic easily. If something I dread is approaching, or an unexpected disaster occurs, I naturally start freaking out while simultaneously trying to be the tough, brave guy of the group. Not fun. Coming back to my anger however, this has also lead me to act unnaturally cold, rude and disrespectful if someone seriously gets on my nerves. As ashamed as I am to admit this, I have done this to people I called my friends in the past, whether it was justified or not. Thankfully though, the most I'll do is stuff like flipping the bird or giving the cold shoulder, but still. On that lovely note, this has reminded me that I can be petty and easily biased too, as my history with the Pokémon franchise has shown. I also actively attempt to hold grudges until I feel vindicated. Yaaay. Speaking of vindictive, when angered, I often find myself thinking about how much I'd like to get back at anyone or anything that I feel has upset me.

Other unpleasant things about myself include what I believe to be my cynicism. As I get older and life continues to drag me down with it, I find myself losing hope that things will get better, and losing trust in people I don't know more and more. Often I find myself seeing the world as a glass half empty. Speaking of sad things, I can easily make myself depressed by obsessing over nasty and unfortunate things for too long, so naturally I try to combat that as best I can.

And before I forget, here's a few final thoughts about myself I forgot to add in.

Addendum: I'm also a person who believes in the power of faith. I'm self-reliant, be it a good or bad thing per situation, and so I usually refuse help from others as I "don't want to bother them." I'm a rather lazy fellow, considering I hate putting in too much effort for things I want (and especially the stuff I don't want.) At certain times I can be forgiving, and at others I can be merciless. Lately, I think I might be a bit ambitious, if not overly ambitious. I'm someone who's stuck in his ways and prefers familiar, older things over something new and innovative. Hand in hand with that is my preference for practicality over flights of fancy. I also prefer honesty over deceit, though this can lead me to being too honest and open for my own good.

And, uhh, I guess that's it? That's as much as I can remember about myself without going into major soul searching and second-guessing territory. That, and I think I need a break now before my brain is fried any further.
News and Announcements / Re: Theme Change
« Last post by Flamedramon on June 01, 2019 (06:26 PM) »
Probably late to the party as usual, but I wanted to share my thoughts too. To put it simply, I like it. Easy on the eyes and it functions just fine. Thanks for all you do, Celebi!
News and Announcements / Re: Server Move
« Last post by celebi on May 27, 2019 (07:10 AM) »
There were some hiccups, but the main forum should be working fine now on the new server.

I haven't finished with the old DDF.
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