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Re: Quick Intros
« Reply #45 on: August 01, 2019 (06:15 PM) »
Hi, my name is: Kitty
Where are you from?: GLA, SCO
How did you find this forum and why did you join?: I was looking for other Digimon fans. It's my favourite series.
How did you find out about Digimon?: When I was a child, my best friend found Digimon and I had found Pokemon. We switched suggestions and I fell in love.
How long have you been following/a fan of it?: Since it was first released within the UK.
Favourite season?: Adventure 01/02 and Tamers
Favourite character?: Yagami Hikari/Kari Kamiya
Your preferred digimon partner?: Tailmon/Gatomon
Tell us something random about yourself: Is it still random if you know that what is coming will be random? (I enjoy paradoxes.)


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Re: Quick Intros
« Reply #46 on: August 09, 2019 (07:49 PM) »
Welcome! :) This has become a bit of a ghost town over the years but a few of us are still around. It is good to see that we are still getting new members. Try to enjoy your stay here even though post responses aren't the quickest.
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