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Hello everyone its MrChronos from Digimon World: Project ark. Every now and then I like to show off our little fan made game to show you guys what we’re working on and that we’re still around.

Digimon World: Project Ark, is a fan remake of the original PlayStation 1 game Digimon World. It includes aspects from the best two games of my childhood, Digimon World 1 and Digimon World 3.

Our goal is to revive and build on the ideas of the original game, using the concept and mechanics but expand it into something even more amazing.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the original Digimon World, the aim of the game is to raise your Digimon partner in order to progress through the world and defeat wild Digimon while recruiting friendly Digimon to your city in order to save File Island from the darkness of Analogman.

In Digimon World: Project Ark the game mechanics will be very similar to the original Digimon game. Your Digimon will start as a fresh and Digivolve as time passes. Depending on how you take care of your partner determs the outcome of the Digivolution. Simple factors include eating, pooping, sleeping and training with a whole bunch of other mechanics thrown in there to help determine how you've raised your partner.

Our game has been around for a very long time and over the years we’ve moved between engines. We’ve recently switched over to Unity which is very amazing and has all the tools we need to create the Digital World that we dream of. It will take time to get back where we were at with all of our coding because we had to start from scratch but Unity offers a lot more which means we’ll be able to go a lot further with our progress.

The story consists of a young hero waking up in an unknown world with no clue how he got there getting thrown in the deep end having to protect his new friends. The story takes places over multiple islands and a trip or two back to the human world, unlike Digimon World 1 which was just one island.

Project Ark will be set around the seven demon lords but apart from that you’ll have to play the game to find out more

The first island “Bios Island” is home to Bios Bay, the origin point of the game which you’ll be centered around for some time. The island consists of 3 zones, Open Forest, mountains and the fire zone(mountains and fire zones yet to be named). The island will have two major enemies and factions that you must triumph and defeat. Island 1 will scale roughly to the same size as File Island from the first game although island 1 will be smallest of all the islands by far.

Everything in our game is made from scratch from someone on our team. We plan on having 300 Digimon in our game. So far 150 are modelled and 60 are animated and game ready. Currently we are working on the Open Forest level to set up a playable demo which wont be ready until the coding is completed but its something to look forward to in the near future. We plan on releasing our game next year in 2016. We are strictly non profit. Just a bunch of friends who met online that share a love for Digimon and wanted to recreate their favorite childhood game.

OC Character Contest

Currently we’re having a competition on DeviantArt to create a OC character that could be in our game. The top 3 entries will make it into the playable characters you get to choose from at the start of the game. The competition finishes on the 11th April and we’ll be having more competitions in the future.

For more info have a look on our DeviantArt post -

PA Card Battle

We’re also currently doing concept for our own Digimon card game that will be incorporated into the final game but we’ll also be offering a standalone version for testing once its completed.

The concept of the card game is having a hero card who is your avatar for the deck and you must build your digital army and defeat the opposing enemy.

The Digimon in the card below is not our model. Its just an example of whats to come.

Anyone who is interested in joining our project feel free to send us a message.

Currently we’re in need of..
World Modeller - Someone who is good at creating 3d models and textures.
Advanced Coder – Preferably experience with unity and C#
Concept Artists – Taleneted people who are good at designing and creating ideas
2D Artists – Anyone who is good at using Photoshop and making graphics
Anyone who’s got a strong knowledge of Unity

We already have people filling those roles but the more help we can get the faster development will be.

That being said all of us have a large passion for Digimon. Digimon World meant a lot to us as kids. Most of us are or have been students with some direction in game design and want to bring the world we dream of to life so we can share it with the community.

Every bit of feedback both positive and negative goes a long way and moves us in the right direction. We hope to make an amazing game and with your support its only a matter of time.

- The Project Ark Team

~Useful links~

Our site -
Indie DB -
YouTube -
DeviantArt -
OC Character content -

WtW post -
TDP post -,1346.0.html

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This is seriously commendable, that you guys have kept up the work! Great job dude!
plaudite amici


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Re: Project Ark (fan made Digimon Game) Updates and OC Character Contest
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That first picture there is really cool looking. I like how Entmon there, or whatever the talking tree is called, is pretty sure he's gunna have to eat that human digimon if he steps out of line, just there, but he's pretty sure he's not actually evil, like he originally thought.

Davis wasn't evil, right?  :???

No, he was. Just not evil enough that Veemon couldn't handle him with TK around, who's really good at fighting evil digidestined, especiallly with Cari around, by just being cute and awsome. Right Patamon?

"Right, Joseph-mon!"  :hi

Pretty sure that's not my name, Palmon. Just like if you ever called me Palmon, I might have to cry.