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D-3 Ver. 15th Digivice
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Item page on Premium Bandai:
  • Preorders open at 11PM Japanese Time December 25th, 2015, and they will be shipped in June 2016. (Only in Japan; western fans will have to use a middleman service that will buy the device for them and then ship it.)
  • Price is 9990 yen, a little over 80 USD. (Same price as the first three Ver. 15th Digivices.)
  • Only 6000 total will be made, between the Daisuke and Ken models.
  • More information will be announced on December 25th, when preorders open.
Preorders open December 25th, 2015, and the toys will be shipped in June 2016. Like the Ver. 15th, the D-3 is a collector's item for nostalgic fans. The device slogan is "After fifteen years... The adventure once again begins to revolve at full speedó" which is a play on Adventure 02's opening theme. The toy's WonderSwan port appears to have been removed from the mold, and it seems to have an old 2-pronged connector, which would make it compatible with at least the Digital Monster, Pendulum, '99 Digivice, and last year's Ver. 15th Digivice.


Re: D-3 Ver. 15th Digivice
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I know it's not out of line with what we've had before, but man, I wish they'd cut the price down on these things a little. Pretty cool that the D-3 is getting the same treatment as the original digivices, though.
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Personally, I'd prefer something more like what Tamagotchi gets with actual in-store releases that are new games entirely rather than remakes, and so better priced. The D-3 is one of my favorite Digivices though, so I'll buy this one to support future toys. Maybe something will come of that survey P-Bandai did a while back.