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Tell a Tail of Talents: Discus & Sign-up
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1} I am GM, my word is law. As such this is rated PG 13, so when in doubt ask me. (Please see World Notes on swearing) Also I reserve the right to deny anyone, if I don't accept you, deal with it. I have my reasons, no if, ands, or buts.
2} I have essentially created this world and invited you to play in it, I expect you to do so responsibly. So obey the general rules of The Digital Dive and the RPG Forum and respect the GM and your fellow RPers.
3} Read all screens! That means carefully reading and probably re-reading all posts. The continuity is in the details people and I'm warning you now this is a pet peeve. This also applies to your own posts, don’t be in such a rush that you fail to read over your own work and properly edit. Make sure your posts are clear and concessive when in doubt add as much detail as you can so others can understand what you are doing. Remember you need to define what you know from reading everyone’s posts from what your character knows from their position in the game/story. That said if you feel like you have the most awesome idea to fallow someone else’s post with just tell the rest of the players. If more than one player wants to post a hold I ask that you try and collaborate your super cool ideas first. If no consensus can be reached between players the GM will rule. To start with we will put holds at 3 days if you haven’t posted by then it will be open season. 
4} This is a literate RP which means I expect effort in the use of the English language. Spelling, grammar and punctuation check, you should all have the technology to do so. I realize no person or machine is perfect or an English major, but if I of all people can pick out mistakes, we may have a problem.
5} No Godmodding. This means no over the top power players. Keep it real to the story and if you have someone or thing that would require explanation run it past the GM and other players first just to be sure. One warning and you are punishable by Death.
6} No Bunnying. This should be self-explanatory but; do not take over any aspect of another players characters unless they have given you the okay to do so. Even for the smallest bit in your post. That said don’t be afraid to ask the other players, they may even be able to add a more accounting to the post. In addition anything major or plot concerning played with the NPC's should be run past the GM.  One warning and you are punishable by Death.
7} No one liners, which will be punishable with character Death.
8} Flaming in OOC's will be strictly forbidden, and punishable by Death.
9} No fan made Pokémon or Digimon. Please see the World Notes regarding legendries.
10} I reserve the right to kill your character off after a warnings and two weeks of unexcused absence


Name: (First only unless you have a title)
Age: (12+)
Orientation: (optional since at this point it matters little)
Appearance: (a detailed description, no pictures.)
Bio: (history and personality stuff all in one. I will allow some of it to be played out, but more I expect characters to grow and change)
Theme song: (Optional [someone else’s idea])
Weapons: (both what they may already know and what you want them to learn)
Familiar: (only rookies at this time)
RP Sample: (mandatory. It can be anything at all but it better be good.)

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Re: Tell a Tail of Taelnts: Disscus & Sign-up
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~World Notes~

This section is all about what makes up the world you will play in. We have pulled together all sorts of info you can reference as well as developing terms and definitions. There is expected to be many updates and revisions so if you have something to add by all means let the GM know and it will be forwarded to the Gods for consideration. Even if you aren’t a player suggestions are always welcome. 



Pokémon are Pokémon’s, they can be found the world over and are tame able and train able by anyone. However any and all legendary Pokémon are simply regulated to myth, legend, and religion. 

Capture Crystals are very rare and expensive, usually only found among the nobility or super rich that can afford them. CC’s can come in many colors and work like a poke ball, they are clear when empty and fogy or frosted like when holding a Pokémon.

There is no technology; this is a medieval fantasy type RP that borrows heavily from many diff places. So there are no computers, TV’s, poke balls or pokedexes. There is almost no tech and any there is will be limited with extreme prejudice by my say so. We do have indoor plumbing however basic.

Transportation, we live in a world with Pokémon, use your imagination.

Healing is done the old fashioned way with herbs and such. We have also incorporated the berries from the pokemon games but they work better for the Mon’s then the people. There is also the possibility of someone with a Talent for it or a pokémon like Chancy.

Talents are a blessing or curse depending on the ability and who you ask. While most people are rather accepting of Talents and what they can do there are also some that for a variety of reasons neither like nor trust Talented. This has been the basis for conflict in the past and may be again. A Talent itself are the unexplained abilities a person is born with that may be as simple as an elemental control or as complex as something yet to be discovered.

Familiars are actually just digimon, usually in rookie form though some more experienced or older Talents may have higher levelled digimon. Levels do not really count for anything and are not an indication of power of either Familiar or Talent.  That said however there are some that have been regulated to myth and legend.

Centers serve as way stations for traveling Talents and dispatch, relay, and accommodation for Express riders along their routes. Mostly they are located in cities and towns with a large enough population to warrant one. The few in out laying villages have scaled down versions where needed. They are generally set up to accommodate several people beyond their staff and have been known to host Battle Mach-ups for kids and teens. With sleeping quarters, kitchen, dining halls, and barns some Centers have recently had to move to the out-skirts of some cities to accommodate it all. Each Center also has a healer of some level, living and working there, primarily for the Talented and Riders but also for the towns people and their Pokémon were the Healers Guild has not established its own residence.

~Turns of Phrase~

 - Zubats in the belfry.

~For Refrance~

List of Berries:
Cheri for paralysis
Chesto for sleepiness
Pecha for poisoning
Oran for healing
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Re: Under Construction :P
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Can I have a loyal pet/guard dog shiny Houndour?

Answer pretty much decides if I adapt a character I already have or come up with a new one (...or maybe continue to be lazy and just adapt a different one =P).
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Re: Under Construction :P
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Sure that's fine. I expect some if not most of the new Talented to be bringing a Pokemon with them for various reasons. The Academy will be accommodating to an extent, so please be reasonable, try to keep it to one and something that will be okay eather in a dorm room or the stables. Sound good?