Author Topic: i'd like to know what these names of my 'oc' digimon would be in japanese/englis  (Read 4567 times)


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as title suggests, i'd like to know what these names of my 'oc' digimon would be in japanese & the kanji/hiragana-(whatever it would be ^^) (if they would stay the same, at all ^^) & english (i can't think of any english names for them)

if anyone can think of any ideas, that is ^^

pic 1 of page 3 -

pic 2 of page 3 -

pic 3 of page 3 -

& pic 1 of page 4 -

pic 2 of page 4 -

lemumon -

leopmon -

feremon -

ermimon -

mamomon -
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Digimon names are not written in hiragana or kanji. They are written exclusively in katakana, which you have already, and which maps one-to-one to hiragana if you want to do that.

If you are asking for corrections in the katakana, then I don't know without knowing how they're actually being pronounced by you, but I would guess that:

Lemumon is lemurmon and therefore リーマモン

Leopmon is correct.

Feremon is plausible.

Ermimon I assume is erminemon, that's an OK spelling.

Mamon is right.

...Or are you asking for new names?
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