Author Topic: Dragon Ball Z Artwork - End Cell Saga - Snes Scene (+ Tips) (Goku & Gohan)  (Read 4479 times)


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Hello friends, it is a pleasure to participate in the forum, I am a designer, student and fan of the forum, I would like to present, if possible, my speed -art drawing of DragonBall Z, a drawing done by me in pencil and paper recently.
Referring to the saga of Cell, and reproducing an early scene of the old game of Super Nintendo: Dragon Ball Z 2 Super Butoden.
I hope you enjoy it, evaluate it and if you would like to present your own design for us to evaluate
Thank you.


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Cool like, what? DId you say you wanted art of Cellsaga, or sommet? I can do, I think, sometimes though, I don't read signs when I walk into a park, you know?
I've got this though, Superman diaries? About killing Cell, like it was useful, or something like that.

"That this, was Superman.
    My name is Kalel.
My name is Gohan.
    I’m here in surety to tell you of this menace once in ours to know ours by this equation backwards, surely here for these, sure as did Dabura bleach out his blood died skin, in his subequent deaths because, he got scared, and that he had less powers, and was called Darkseid, that these worlds over, he is dead in final fatality, so most of our magics are here to stay in what we’ve sheltered, that you could know I was an avatar, when I built my powers as Superman, as was Maron, after me, who travelled back in time after I killed the evil Jorel’s holocron, back further than I’d gone, to the mountain echelons of Krypton over Vegeta, so surely there, this beside ours in all that I could believe, that this was before the Saiyans met their end by Frieza so surely did they, once fall about these shadows, down below, for all the saiyans had died in final fatality, but their shadow monsters, here, ate the dead kryptonians out from under their burried mountains, digging  them out and consuming them like truffles, so surely then is Powergirl, Baby, this next threat, some parasite after me, for she’s decided to doppelganger my wife, but then like, she doesn’t know about my journals, what she is, and like, that she chose the wrong brother, so surely is Batman, that’s my blood brother Vegeta, surely taking her over, this side, to keep her well away from Supergirl, that this was gone beyond ours in for this world, she is an active threat.
That this was here to tell you about Cell, that you could know me, here in ours, that it was after the defeat of Cell that I left the company of most of my friends, I, Gohan, and grew young agian, to be borne to Krypton, surely there to Lara, who could you believe was my own reflection on this world that once I had actually created, and that I had built Dante’s Inferno around myself, alone, Dante, that I could go to  hell and be surrounded by evil, to learn of what evils outside could connect these hells, and to erase these forms of torture that  had evolved down in there, already, so surely did I learn that Darkseid was this ultimate threat, and that we could work on killing him, Sat’tesh, was true, but surely ever after, could you know these battles, that I was called Hades, after rising from these hells, and that I could see into the hell of all my friends as friend god was now this journey called that of this bridge between the worlds, surely, so no two souls depart one world like Greece’s, in the same fashion, so seek the friend god Gohan, Hades, or surely call him young one, that he could know about you, still in these before in all of ours before these worlds inside my battle, that I was Gohan, and I killed the monster Cell, so travel back in time all you like; you’ll never find him. This is the way of final fatality, so surely too is Darkseid, called Sat’tesh, dead, and that we could manage this battle here in ours before that I could manage, able, this was never over, this world was never over, these in worlds that I could never have to manage, back in ours, before us all in this, I’d manage, just to know about my worlds, in these, beside my battle, never inside of these, but that you could know my battle here in thunder, this was never wrong, but yours was done in battle, this was pain in sorrow please’d to tell me in my own apathy forever, that Lara was surrounded by evil Kryptonians, in this reflection of my world, and that Athena was my sister, whom you’d called Dende, surely Namekians made their own bodies, but she was an ancient goddess they called Persephone, and she went back in time and undid parts of the inferno to unfurl my avid surest tortures and that there, in this, was Braniac 7 able to be there to love and help Lara, that I could be there, then, borne to her, and that she fled Zorel, and went to Jorel, and he used this ship Braniac was able to build for Lara, to store his holocron I could kill myself, and doom him and this world forever, surely that Braniac 7 himself was bringing about the toppling of these mountains, and the destruction of this whole planet of evil.
    That these Kryptonian minds could have tried these surest devices against Maron could have tried your own but she escaped on a moon built in the sea called Kandor, these worlds over more in mine that this could be battled here in mine own shelter, surely this was gone on in before my world chapters, this was never ever over, this world was never over, this was never ever over...
That Cara could become my wife, is awesome, and believe that like she’d made our saiyan armor, Bulma was Lois Lane, and made my Superman suit, herself...
This world, inside of ours, that this was gone before my world in my home for these all, that I knew how to kill this battle android right away, but that we had to destroy his mind, to keep him from rebuilding himself from these millions of computer minds he was hooked up to, who adjusted his combat capabilities as he challenged different kung fu, and murdered and tortured people out.
    The problem was, I had to be, the guy, to kill Cell, for the plan to work at all.
“Why are you standing there waiting to get yourself killed?”
“Why are you here, waiting around to die?”
“You’re about to die here, why are you just standing around?” That’s the sort of thing that monster just, said to people, mocking up the idea that kung fu, okay, well he tried  kung fu conversations first, alright? It’s part of combat, in usual life, sorta, the robot computer minds were evil and the organicized not, crazy ass android wanna be replicant animal monster, was evil, “Who are you?”
“I’m Alestor, who,” whoa, whoa!
“Why are you here, exactly?” “Why am I here?”
“You’re not too bright, are you?”
“I’m nor sure why you jumped so fast...”
“I’ve yet to see your alias resonances, sure sir...” “You’re not there, are you?”
“I’m sure you’d have a hard time proving THAT one yourself!”
“Do you like apples, and candies, too?” “This isn’t the time for your aliases, but something aside from mine, I think,!” and he’d try and sting him, like that line was a lead into combat, or something...
    That we could know about these worlds in ours before my own standing that this world could bridge this paradise in spending, this world beyond my heart in ours to aspect all these colors on into this world, "Who are you, anyway?"
"No one you needed to know about till just now, freak.."
"Freaks don't have to get to know me, but how dare you insult me!"
That was... new... Kind of, funny?
Did we pound him less for funny? Piccolo, did not. That this was gone before these worlds, this one life, surely over beside, this life on, in before my own worldz, in this this was gone before, these worlds in my heart, this life inside ours, this world, this beside, this world, this world, this world here on,
"Tien I'll rip you're head off your jogressing shoulders if you try that again!" cried Piccolo. He'd killed him once before, before the saiyans arrived.
Tien didn't think he wasn't bluffing, though, before I said, "I'll egg him on," and he wondered, just how in the hell I wasn't going to fight, this time, here, in my life, that I couldn't be set to battle here... Like I said, I couldn't fight him even one time, before I was, the guy, to fight him...
"Krillin's busy downgrading Cell," said Piccolo, to him, "After YOU made him fight like a freak rapist and a lunatic!"
"So rip his head off then, if you're so clever..."
"I didn't kill Tienshinhan, but I, I killed him pretty good actually, I made sure he'd never make it to another Cell fight. I'd do it again? I won't have to; he's crippled as a fighter, for the rest of existence, really, because like, what's fighting for? There's a day coming in, call it, saviours' day, when Tienshinhan will be among the spiritually retarded, when all evil has been exterminated from the universe, here on, into eternity; it's what we made Time for, an eternity of peace. Love, fun!
    Krillin was born not, sure, but back in some age, started hacking when he was a liiiittle kid, fighting all the robot masters, so Cell's battle designs were easy enough to be impossibly hard for anyone not Krillin, to fight him and downgrade him, sure enough, keep him soft, jogressed up, strange, out of nowhere, these sides on, this life for, these worlds, this level, this side, do you know how bad it jogresss with someone's head, when you miss with a destructo disk?
That's a move; the miss, is. Cell compesated, he'd get, real real jogressing dangerous, and miss, to scare the shit out of you, but like, THAT was the move; the scaring. See?
He was programmed to kill 18, and he didn't know why, exactly, but here's the trouble; we kept telling everybody Cell was absorbing people..  Right? That's how his kung fu is improving, that stinger; his rape stinger, sure, torture device, better to kill you with, especially in Cell's earlier days, when lots of people were still jogressing him up, lots and lots, he's trying to absorb you, we'd say, take your powers...
So what did we tell him Gohan was, when he wouldn't fight? Just a kid... He's not ready yet...
    But like, don't just, fight?
He saw that too; he thought he was incomplete, 18 wasn't dead yet, right right? Okay, absorb 17 and 17, and 18!
    No I needed to tell you, it doesn't make any sense, if you're not laughing about how stupid he was through all of this, and how master I was at guiding his malicious, sickening intents, this whole while.
I told him there were two, android 17 units, cuz I knew he'd come back the first time, so like, he was sure, that this one, was android 18, by the time he forgot that there,
wasn't a reason to count two units as 17?
Sure, but like, he'd gotten smarter, and much, more clever, I can tell you, Oh yes... Clever, clever Cell.
    So like, surely that he could be wanting to fight Goku, who was just, not giving a shit, because here we go, Goku was part of Gohan's plan, so like, there we have it, that Goku trusted me, this whole time, and we knew what Final Fatality was, but that you could know, everybody thought Goku was, "the guy" and Cell had to form up, surely, that's Gohan's, father?
The grown up?
    That this could be ours to know about my world inside my hope for hatred, I could know about that this was gone before these worlds in ours, this life, surely sung on in before, that I could never have to know about you, still in ours, that this was gone on in before these worlds, beside my life, surely never taken sure sung, on before, my world, among, aspects taken, surely over more to know about my worlds, inside, this life, surely sung on in bravery, this life, surely never have to tell my battle, this was gone, "I don't want to fight anymore!" he doesn't, want to fight?
Gohan'd said... "Ever since I was little, I get mad, and, I can't stop until the other person is incapable of fighting back!" set, check, what was he trying to do?
Unlock Gohan's potential; why?
    Because he wanted to be just like Goku. What was Goku trying to do?
but better, I mean, just like Goku, Goku was? Trying to unlock Gohan's potential...
'That's it!' get him mad enough, what? Get him so mad, he won't stop until I'm incapable of fighting back..!
He didn't,articulate it that far, but I was setting him up to be ready to give up forever, like he couldn't win, and there was more than one aspect to it; but his ultimate purpose was to out beat Goku, surely, and Goku hadn't been able to, unlock me...
This world, this powers, this life, surely sung, on in before these worlds, that this was gone before ours inside my knowing more to know about my hatred here for, that this was gone, for it, this for it, this life, "Master Roshi's kamehameha could still blow you all away!" some freak said,
I'd killed him, but it wasn't fast enough...
Roshi died...
In front of me, because he believ'd me, right away, right from the start, so he came out to fight Cell, and tripped him up; hacked his Kamehameha, because he like, didn't add on a bunch of haa meee, like we can always do, and did, but cell used his hack freak kamehamehameha wave, which was like, the turtle destruction destruction wave.. What would a turtle destroy? What can destROY, what turtle would destroy?
No, it doesn't not sound kinda retarded, but wait, what CAN kill what Goku's killing, but won't? Wouldn't have to? Doesn't care?
Turtles destroy spikey things, barbed things, turtle kickers, baby smashers, that's turtle crushers, got it?
    That we could never have to believe these worlds inside of ours, that this was gone before, these worlds inside my head, before that I couldn't never have to believe this world inside my own head that I wasn't gone before, these worlds, this was gone beyond, these in ours before this planet, here inside my head before, that this was gone before, these four world inside my head,
"Dad, I can't, I don't even have use of my arms!" He'd said the Kamehameha wave was my answer like, of course Gohan, it's God, after all... Dad I KNOW kamehamehawave is perfectultra god, but my HAND doesn't work, see?!
I'd led with my left arm in the fight, so it would get jogress't up? Like, yeah, I had a plan...
"Do it Gohan, I KNOW you can!"
Whaaat? Even ROSHI hadn't used two hands more than the WHOLE jogressING TIME!!!!
    Overset, these worlds, surely ever after more in ours before to know, nobody followed us to Namek, so like, they hadn't seen Goku use so many versions of Kamehameha he'd never think I didn't think I could perfect what I wanted?
Goku was sure, Gohan was like, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, Kaaaaaa, MEEEEEE!!!!
Oh, no, just the regular set, just like Roshi?
    I could do it, better! Yeah!
And Cell could think, it was like his?
Sure, I used the Kamehamehameha wave, but like, we used the kamehameha wave with that many "haaa! meee!" all the jogressing time....
    Enter Cell?
That I could see my own future was like, probably Bardock. THANKS, Dad!
I was Kakarot, don't get confused.. Me, Gohan, Kalel, Superman....
    This one world in ours before that we could never have to once believe that this was gone before these world inside ours again, I still wanted to torture that freak that mentioned Master Roshi, and like,
he was dead already?
I thought about him, this RAAAAAAGE!!!!
Cell, this world, this world over, CELL, it was broken rage, and he didn't know why it wasn't right, and Goku was there, Goku, created the red element itself; red blood; rage, so surely this one world, TRUE rage, needs you not to summon it, you simply, know the Truth, and when you face corruptors of sick not, but sickness itself, evil, itself, when you face horror, then you know the truth in infinite bounds? I did... I knew everything about Cell, that this was gone, so surely, "Do it Gohan, let your power explode! Do it NOOOOOWW!!!!" That this, focus, here, what would I destroy? Cell.... I knew the TRUTH about Cell, so RAGE just, always, flow'd through my life in this world here against this life, into this blue kamehamehameha wave, sure something like that...
He knew, this jogressing wave, was jogressing perfect.. He could feel my anger, in fullest rage, on him; I'd been unlocked, he knew if that was true; if I'd been really unlocked, like he wanted to believe, I wouldn't stop until he was, incapable of fighting back, surely, and like look,
it's just one handed!
it's, pEERERRFEEEECT!!!!! "


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I've never searched less, for the meaning of jogress, than just now, but it's like, tricking me, with a mindhack, after I read it that many times, but no one's allowed to bust me, because it's art, and I'm pretty sure jogress wasn't offensive until just now, when you messed with all Superman's alien vocabulary, you know?