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An Ode to Celebi
« on: June 16, 2012 (04:23 PM) »
A cloaked man walked into the dark tavern, his presence a mystery to most. A lone thief at the bar was the first to notice him reaching within his robe, and was quick to pull her dagger. She fell at ease, however, when all he drew from his side was a lute. Pulling back his hood, the long-haired human looked around before loudly clearing his throat, making himself noticed by all. It grew quiet as he strummed.

"Ye here to have a relaxed night, and here to drink your ale, listen to my melody. Let us remember he who was once a fine warrior, his whereabouts a mystery to this day. A powerful man known as Celebi."

He continued to strum, placing his foot on a nearby stool. And thus his song began.

"He gained so much experience, and saw a many thing
Like war cheetahs, and savage boars, and otters by the springs
And yes he did grow tired when he found his battles through
But listen close my quiet child, here's what he'd say to you:

'Take your shield and sword in hand, and slay the beasts you see
Bring all peace across the land, a fine soldier you can be!'
But none were quite as fine as he who death would never stress
Celebi now triumphantly roams the Dwarf Fortress!

A savior to the humans and a killer of the orcs!
The dwarves all shared a pint or two, and elves were bloody dorks!
Yes he leads a different life behind the glowing screen
But when he's home he stays alone, that's Shining Celebi!"
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