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Hi there everyone!
« on: March 06, 2018 (03:19 AM) »
Im eluukkanen and I am a composer.  :hi  I have been the biggest digimon fan since I was a child and I have been following digimon since then. Of course, bit less afterwards, but still a considerable amount.

I'm looking forward to join this forum and possibly meet more digimon people

My YouTube if you are interested  :)


Re: Hi there everyone!
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Welcome to the forum. Hope you find some interesting points of discussion.
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Re: Hi there everyone!
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Welcome to DDF! ^.^
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Re: Hi there everyone!
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Oh wow! I came across your videos around the time you posted this! Quite the shock for me to see you here. lol I fell in love with your Digimon World and Spyro the Dragon remastered videos! You do an amazing job at capturing the feel of the music and improving it in just the right way. 8D Heck, I'm even listening to your version of Gear Savannah right now. XD

Anyway, welcome to the Digital Dive! Even if the site isn't as active as it once was a decade ago, I hope you can still enjoy yourself here.