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Remastered Digimon World Music!
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I have been doing digimon world remakes for some time. Truly remastered songs from the classic first ps1 digimon game. Just a day ago I released on youtube this one: Overdell Cemetery!  :o

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This melody is haunting in itself! Repeating instrumental flute for this DIgimon World theme made it to sound like a cemetery. Koji Yamada did well, only having two flutes to create this! I decided to add a bit more, but storm sounds and the flutes are still in place - just remastered to new glory.
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Re: Remastered Digimon World Music!
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You did a great job remastering this one, Eluukkanen. I know exactly what you mean when you say it's haunting. It really is, I was getting the shivers.


Re: Remastered Digimon World Music!
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Very interesting rendition. Got me to check out your other work too, always a fan of the soundtrack from the first Spyro game.  ;-D
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