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[22:15] <Myo> @Shining_Celebi Does DDF have a discord? I feel like that's becoming the chat future.

No, and it never will. Discord is another fly-by-night centralized chat operation. Here today, gone tomorrow. Also, the company that owns them does tons of evil creepy spying.

Also, it's built on Electron, ffs.
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Sometimes quick-dying fads are good for picking up popularity back again before bringing new users back to a home-base like the cgiirc chat or even back to the forum. We've all been seeing the dismal state of the forum for some time while WtW thrives. What is wrong with the fly by night tactic to get people back?
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Sometimes quick-dying fads are good for picking up popularity back again before bringing new users back to a home-base like the cgiirc chat or even back to the forum. We've all been seeing the dismal state of the forum for some time while WtW thrives. What is wrong with the fly by night tactic to get people back?

The CEO of the company that makes Discord previously got busted for installing spyware on people's phones and selling the data. I see no reason to believe they've changed, since Discord has doxxed people responsible for crimethink on their platform and made them targets of harassment. I don't feel any need to endorse this behavior. Remember: Discord is a centralized system. Everything you type on Discord goes through their servers. The bandwidth and computational load is immense. It's free. You're the product.

More to the point, you're missing the reason why the forum activity has dwindled. The loss of the domain name was a tremendous blow, and the reboot was a terrible idea. I was in a bad place at the time and wanted to step back and let other people try their hand at running things, and it was a mistake. I should have put my foot down and let come whatever came of it. I should have also been more choosy about who I made staff - in retrospect, I don't think Anthy or KD were well suited to it as, for example, Enaz was/is. But most importantly, this would have happened anyway, it just would have been less of a sharp drop off.

Ask yourself what the difference is between WtW and DDF. DDF has, for many years now, been about the community. We all knew and cared (more or less) for each other. Digimon was really a secondary concern for a lot of people. After DDF's initial growth, during its glory days, there actually weren't that many new people joining and staying for any considerable length of time - they were often mistreated and treated like outcasts for being (relative) outsiders. Sommelier is a great example. He has tried very hard to keep things going around here for years with his posting activity, and he made a very generous donation to keep the forum running - but he was always treated pretty badly by many because he wasn't one of the Inner Circle. The positive aspect to all this is what we were all mostly good friends, had a lot of fun, and had a lot of intensely personal conversations.

But people grow up and move on.

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I keep things running mostly so people can check in now and then, and maybe visit and see their old posts when they have a fit of nostalgia. I have been thinking about an appropriate way, and time, to sunset DDF. I'm a great example of this, though. I have a family, a house, a job, I go to the gym, I have a social life and hobbies that have nothing to do with Digimon. To be honest, I haven't cared very much for Digimon in a long time. I have wanted to care very much, sometimes; that's why I spent so much time on the revamp of the site and encyclopedia and then abandoned it. I was, and am, here for you, not for Digimon. And I think this is true for most people on DDF: Digimon was really a secondary concern, something that served only really as the absolute minimum baseline of what we have in common. We have, exceptionally for a Digimon forum, had an abnormally large proportion of good-looking well-adjusted people. Nobody else had anybody nearly as great as Ryo or Foz.

I feel like this is true for you too, Myo. If you were really that worried about our activity levels, you would be spending more than ten minutes every month in the chatroom.

WtW, on the other hand, is a very...different situation. It is centered entirely around Digimon. People bankroll the site, and the admin spends his own money from...whatever sources, I don't think he's employed, to buy and tear down every single piece of Digimon merchandise and media that is released. Tweets are BREAKING NEWS. There are long discussions about the sexuality of fictional preteen children. Digimon is neither particularly good, or particularly bad, for what it is - a Japanese cartoon engineered to sell merchandise. But if you're a grown adult and obsessed with buying worthless junk because it's part of a fictional franchise, well, that just feels a little wrong to me, like you're missing a soul and have instead become sort of bug-man that thrives only on empty consumerism. Even if you're just spending every day engaged in a lot of thought about it, I think something is probably wrong. I think this is reflected in the fact that the members there are notoriously thin-skinned and bitchy if they aren't totally autistic spergs. Also note most of the activity and discussion is actual Digimon-related. It has been an ongoing joke for 12 years that we never talked about Digimon in the DDF chat.

I have no interest in becoming that. I don't want "40 year Digimon forum administrator" in my obituary and I don't want to spend the little time I have on this earth thinking 24/7 about some Japanese company's artless merchandise-driven fiction. There are other things I want to do and be remembered for.

Sure, it'd be nice if the glory days were back again. I would appreciate it if old friends came back and posted more or participated in the chat. I don't think having a Discord is going to make a substantial difference there, and that's what would really matter to me, not getting new users I don't know. There was a time when that mattered, but that time is past. Even if it worked, we would become something else, not the DDF we know and love.

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