Author Topic: Digimon: Out of Time (OOC/SIGNUP)  (Read 2461 times)


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Digimon: Out of Time (OOC/SIGNUP)
« on: February 28, 2013 (01:34 AM) »
It is the year 2289. For the Real World, having a Digimon partner has now become commonplace, and technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds. In the Digital World now stands a vast metropolis: Cyber City. This is the new hub where the Guardians reside; the Digimon who were formerly the partners of the Chosen Children. With their partners long gone to the passing of time, their new duty is to protect the sanctity of the Digital World.

In order to better maintain same sanctity of the Real World, the Tamers Union was developed 100 years ago, whose job it is to monitor any digital incursions into the Real World.

As our story begins, we now look to the descendants of the Chosen Children as events in this age swiftly unfold into adventures anew.


 -   The era of the Chosen Children is referred to as the start of the Digital Age.
 -   The future of the Chosen Children is as stated in the epilogue of the Zero Two anime, with an exception that will quickly become apparent as the roleplay begins.
 -   The Families (with respective 01/02 Chosen listed in brackets) are (Taichi/Hikari) Yagami, (Joe) Kido, (Yamato & Sora) Ishida, (Takeru) Takaishi, (Mimi) Tachikawa, (Koushirou) Izumi, (Daisuke) Motomiya, (Iori) Hida & (Ken & Miyako) Ichijouji
 - The Guardian's full forms are locked, not to be used by players. These are: VictoryGreymon, Z'dGarurumon, Ornismon, Plesiomon, Rosemon Burst Mode, Goddramon, Ophanimon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Valdurmon, Vikemon, GrandisKuwagamon.
 - The events of the other seasons did not happen in this universe.
 - Partnerships between Humans and Digimon have to be made official with the Tamer's Union and the Guardians.

If you have need of any information not mentioned or have any questions, please PM me and I will respond asap.

Age: (12-15)
Descended From: (We need at least one descendant from the Yagami family, but otherwise pick whoever you like.)

Digimon Partner
Line: (In-Training > Rookie > Champion > Ultimate > Mega)