Author Topic: Adventure 02 Alternate Reality Sign Ups  (Read 2714 times)


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Adventure 02 Alternate Reality Sign Ups
« on: April 24, 2013 (11:10 PM) »
Wheee, after discussing this with jagggar and indigo, I'm starting this up again.  Feel free to apply if you feel like joining.

Rough back story:

Some time ago I got to thinking that defeating MaloMyotismon was far too easy.

So, what if they hadn't won?

After being in a coma-like dream state for years, the now adult Chosen Children (as well as any OC CC) have awoken, finding themselves in this terrifying new world.  Japan is in ruins, with powerful and angry Digimon seemingly at every turn.  The ones that managed to find each other have gathered in a new sort of civilization of survivors, searching for the other and searching for a way to win.

First post has the rest of the skip.

If you'd like to read/reread the original RP, you can still find it over yonder.  Also, here's the old signup page, just for a refresher. (Though, fair warning, some things may be subject to change.)

Canon Characters:
Taichi: (previously Kaizie)
Yamato: indigo
Jyou: (previously indigo)
Koushiro: (previously indigo)
Takeru: (previously indigo)

Daisuke:  Kaizie
Ken: jagggar

The Previously characters, while not in the current party, may make reappearances. 

Keiko: Kaizie
Kaylee: jagggar
Caleb: indigo
[spoiler=Filler Ocs]
Crap ton of filler OCS I believe were mostly played by me.
The ones I can remember are as follows
Kawamura (F), the camp leader.
Yuriko(F) and Eiji(M), scouts with muscle.  And guns.
Masao(M), tough kid.  Has a baseball bat he calls the "Bat Splat-er" for whacking bat scouts.

If you're applying with an OC, here's the old form:

Character Name:
Type of Digivice: (01 or 02 - and what color)
Crest? (Not necessary):
Digimental/Digiegg? (Not Necessary):
Digimon (Original or Madeup):
(If made up, please describe all stages you plan on using, all attacks, etc)
Likes/Dislikes?: (not necessary, but might just be fun facts)
What their dream was:

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Re: Adventure 02 Alternate Reality Sign Ups
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2013 (01:54 PM) »
Bringing this forward and making some changes.

Original Character:
Character Name: Kaylee

Age: 20

Sex: YES!!! oh, wait not the question? female then.

Description: 5'6" 5'8", very fit, but not insanely overly muscular. She wears a long, black leather coat over a eye-bleed, hot pink tank top and baggy, forest green cargo pants. Steel-toed boots. Her hair's short, bleached, and dyed the same eye-bleed pink as her shirt with a few streaks of electric blue. Her left wrist sports a blue wristband with the Triforce; the right, another Nintendo themed wristband.
Both wrists are encircled by barbed wire tattoos. A tribal design encircles her upper left arm. The Hyrulian crest on the small of her back. And there likely lie more tattoos in unseen places.

Personality: Kaylee likes to enjoy life, her philosophy being, "Try everything at least twice. Well, except murder. Don't give the cops a second chance to catch you if ya get it right the first time." She loves thrills and excitement and would rather fight beside her partner than hide behind the rock while Tsukaimon does all the work.
She doesn't particularly care for authority, and sometimes goes out of her way to pick a fight with it.

History: Nothing of particular note. American. Raised by her uncle, she has know idea who her parents were, not that it haunts her or anything.

Type of Digivice: Original Digivice

Crest: Orenda

Digimental/Digiegg: None

Digimon: Tsukaimon - I'ma lazy bum. I'm workin' on the description of his custom evoline.

Likes: R-rated activities. :) Higher than R-rated activities. ;D Action movies.
Dislikes: Losing. Being locked up.

What their dream was: Ya know those action movies with vampires and werewolves and zombies in them with the super hot heroine who does insane stunts in heels? Like that, except no heels; steel toed boots hurt someone more when kicking them. Oh, and any dragons that may or may not be present are intelligent, not ones like those silly beasts from Reign of Fire.

Other: You tell me if I missed anything.
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